Custom manufactured composite parts for aircraft and marine industries.
Image of a Y shaped cooling duct.
Cooling duct for onboard avionics compartment.

TCC manufactures a wide variety of light weight composite products for the aircraft industry.

Examples of our products:

Custom Formed Panels
Periphery Shell Kits
Flat Panels
Window Reveals
Glare Shields
Air Duct Assemblies
Chiller Ducts
Inlet Scoops
Seat Shrouds
Arm Rest Boxes
Electrical Housings
Decorative Handrails

We have tooling for over 30 different aircraft types.
Photo of a window reveal for a Dornier aircraft.
Window reveal for a Dornier 328 aircraft.
A glare shield for a Citation aircraft.
Custom composite lay-ups.
Completed rectangular airduct for a CRJ200 aircraft.
Completed air duct for a CRJ200 aircraft.
A completed rectangular airducts ready for installation.
Air duct for a CRJ200 aircraft.
Image of a chiller duct.
Duct for a chiller unit.
Approximate size is 15" by 12".
Camera shroud for a Cessna aircraft tail.
Specialty composite parts.
Image of a chiller duct.
Headliner panel for a Lear 35.
Approximate size is 18" by 152".