Custom manufactured composite parts for aircraft and marine industries.
                         showing the various thicknesses of aluminum honeycomb
                         panel available.
All thicknesses of aluminium honeycomb panels are available.

We manufacture lightweight composite panels in a wide variety of materials, core thicknesses and plies.

Available Core Materials:

Nomex honeycomb core
Aluminum honeycomb
Divinycell form core

Available Skin Materials:

Carbon Fiber

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Picture showing samples of Nomex
                                 honeycomb of various thicknesses.
Nomex Honeycomb Core - Fiberglass Skins.
At TCC, we manufacture composite interior panels and other composite components for all types of aircraft from private jets to commercial liners.

We produce Flat Panels for both Cabinetry and Bulkhead Construction. Panels can be pressed with a variety of skins and cores. Skins include Fiberglass, phenolic, Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum.

Cores can be Nomex, aluminum and fire-retardant foam products.

We also manufacture custom panels for cabinetry construction and other uses such as formed panels for curved drawer fronts, panels for doghouse cabinets, curved sideledge lid panels and pre-formed dado panels.